Salt Edge is now available on Temenos MarketPlace

Salt Edge is glad to announce that its Open Banking solutions will be now available via the Temenos MarketPlace, a digital store, which brings together the best banking services from around the world and makes them easily accessible to banks.

What does this collaboration mean? It means that any Temenos customer wishing to deploy Salt Edge solutions, will now be able to do so even faster, via the Temenos core banking environment, thus significantly speeding up the time to value. Salt Edge is a ‘one-stop shop’ for fintech companies and financial institutions like banks, credit bureaus, lenders, etc., that are interested to leverage the power of Open Banking. The range of cutting-edge solutions that have now been integrated with Temenos and are live on Temenos MarketPlace include Global Data Aggregation API, PSD2 Account Information API, Open Banking Payment Gateway, and Data Enrichment Platform.

Salt Edge is the first data aggregator to join the MarketPlace community, which means that participant financial institutions are now enabled to connect to over 3000 banks around the globe for data exchange and enrichment purposes, or use of available channels for instant payment initiation. Financial institutions will be able to view the end-customer’s transaction information in a clean and easy-to-understand format and get a holistic overview of their financial wellness.

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